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What is GCam Beta Final APK and why you should try it on your Android phone

The first Gcam mod v7.3 was developed by parrot043 which is still a beta version, so there could be known bugs in it. The app can run on almost all devices running around Android 10 but the main restriction is camera2API compatibility.

lcalamar I did a few comparisons today. MWP 8.4.3 Beta 4 versus GOS-Cam v45.My experience so far is that the GOS app runs a little smoother and is technically better optimized to utilize the compabilites of my Pixel 6 Pro's sensors. I think the MWP implementation is missing the configs for the newer Pixel sensors like the Samsung GN1. That is why the noise performance is a little worse in low-light situations. I tried a few noise models in the lib menu but couldn't find a perfect match yet. Have to do some further tests. Other than that there is not much difference in the final image quality. The MWP cam has has the advantage of customizability though:

gcam beta final apk

The GrapheneOS photo application has a better image quality. The gcam application has a bit of a pixelated look. It's very easy to be fooled by the misleading videos saying that Google has the best photo application that abound on the internet

Recently, a new update for the latest version of Gcam is now available by Arnove8G2 and it brings a lot of new fixes and features over beta 1 and this is beta 2 version and you can install it on your android phone.

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