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Jesus Songs for Every Occasion: From Christmas to Easter and Beyond

Christian music has been a vital part of worship and praise for centuries. From classic hymns to contemporary worship songs, the genre has inspired millions of people around the world. Christian songs are known for their uplifting lyrics, inspirational melodies, and powerful vocals.

Don't miss out on the chance to experience one of the greatest Christian songs ever written- add "How Great is Our God" by Chris Tomlin into your worship playlist today! Let your heart be filled with joy as you join millions around the world in singing praises to our awesome Father!

jesus songs

This masterpiece from Matt Redman, titled "10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)", has become one of the most popular Christian songs globally. It basks in the glory of God for His unwavering kindness and goodness towards humanity. The song reminds us that we can find reasons to worship God even in our darkest moments.

This worship song by Hillsong United, known as one of the best Christian songs of all time, is titled "The Stand." It contains lyrics that express a believer's desire to completely surrender to God and give Him everything. The music is powerful and moving, with a strong beat that helps draw listeners in. This song has been played in churches all around the world, inspiring people to deepen their relationship with Christ.

This powerful composition highlights the greatness of God objectively while still retaining its emotional depth. The harmonious blend between musical pieces enhances its beauty further while still maintaining a level of simplicity that anyone can appreciate. It is little wonder why "Great Are You Lord" has stood the test of time as one of the best Christian songs.

This timeless gospel tune by Hillsong Worship, considered one of the best Christian songs ever, is a powerful testimony of Jesus' love and sacrifice. "Cornerstone" serves as an anthem for those seeking strength and hope in challenging times, reflecting on the eternal truths of God's grace and promises. The song's lyrics evoke deep emotions and inspire faith, reminding us that we can always find refuge in God. With its iconic melody and heartfelt message, "Cornerstone" stands out as a masterpiece of contemporary worship music.

This classic tune by Bryan and Katie Torwalt, considered one of the best Christian songs of all time, is rightfully known as "Holy Spirit." It is a worship song dedicated to the Holy Spirit, who is believed to be a personification of God's presence and power in the world. The lyrics are simple yet powerful, calling upon the Holy Spirit to fill our lives with His grace and provide direction through life's challenges. The music arrangement complements the message, providing an uplifting tone that inspires listeners to seek and submit to the Holy Spirit.

Aside from its lyrical message, "Good Good Father" also possesses a strong musicality with a soothing tune, delicate piano arrangements, and powerful guitar riffs. Additionally, it has been recognized as one of the most successful songs in contemporary Christian music, earning Tomlin several awards including Songwriter of the Year at the 2016 Dove Awards.

Even though there are countless Christian songs available across different languages, this particular composition has become a favorite globally. The hypnotic melody beautifully harmonizes with the poetic lyrics while delivering a sacred message of reliance on Christ.

"Sweet and endearing, lively and imaginative, Stories of Jesus, the newest release from Hoffman House and Shadow Mountain features 15 delightful and touching songs on the life of Christ which show why Melanie and Roger Hoffman are among the best-known and best-loved writers of music for children". Steven Kapp Perry - BYU Broadcasting

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Stories of Jesus features 15 original songs about the life of the Savior designed to both entertain and teach. The cheerful lyrics and memorable melodies had me singing the rest of the day --- I guess I'm still a kid at heart. Quint Randle, Deseret News "I am so grateful for the gift Stories of Jesus has been to my family. I have loved sharing these songs that capture the pure joy of the 'good news' with my grandchildren. This collection of songs brings a smile to the heart." Michael McLean - Songwriter, Author, Film Producer

I just love the Stories of Jesus music!Such sweet truth set to beautiful tender music! I have one daughter who loves to practice singing with the wordless tracks while we're driving. I get to drive around town with a sweet little concert everywhere I go! Thank you so much for your beautiful music! My family loves the entire CD. I purchased all the songs shortly after buying Gethsemane, ad I've even purchased the entire set of sheet music. My 17-year old daughter and 12-year old son have had a great time learning the songs on their stringed instruments (they play the cello and violin). It's also been so much fun to teach my 7 and 5 year old sons the scripture stories that connect with the songs on the CD. They are beginning to truly love the stories of Jesus found in the New Testament. Again, I just wanted you to know what an incredible impact your music has had on us. Thank you for all you do in your music! We own many of your other songs/CDs (including scripture scouts) and love them all.Valena K

We listen to "Stories of Jesus" all the time. I play it when I drive and I drive a lot of miles during the week. My grandchildren love it, too!! Thank you for the beautiful, touching, joyful songs!! Verleen

I really like your song "Miracles of Jesus". I would like my students to learn this for an upcoming school program. I am an elementary teacher in a small Christian school here in South Korea. I am putting together a program for our students' parents in July, and my students & I decided to do a drama about Jesus' miracles from the book of John. I was thrilled to find your song "Miracles of Jesus" when I google searched on-line for songs about Jesus' miracles. This song is perfect to go along with our play. I'm sure that my students will enjoy singing these songs, too. Thank you for caring about serving God through children's music...I pray that these songs and our message about how Jesus' miracles showed that He IS the Christ, the Son of God, will impact all of our hearts & lives and bring glory to Him. God bless you, too! Sarah

I have enjoyed the beautiful and also the fun songs on Stories of Jesus for so long. I love Loaves and Fishes! Your singer did a perfect job. The music is fun and it joyfully delivers its great story! And I love Child of Grace. And Zacchaeus and He is Risen. Okay, I just love them all! I just wanted to let you know! Chris

"As parents with ten children ages 3 to 23, we have all enjoyed the music of Stories of Jesus. Our younger children in particular have listened to and even memorized the songs. Gethsemene is a song which is worth the price of the entire CD.

"The songs are fun and original and also teach stories from Jesus's life in a very kid-understandable and sweet way...I highly recommend this to any Christian with kids." "All of my children love it, from teens down to the 4-year-old, and parents enjoy listening to it, too. It has taught the children of the glory of Jesus, His miracles, and specifics about His life and ministry."

AMAZON REVIEWERS - All 9 reviewers on Amazon gave it 5 stars This music is beautiful and fun and just perfect for kids to learn By Andrea J. on June 28, 2015 This music is beautiful and fun and just perfect for kids to learn about their Savior. My children were asked to participate in a children's choir where thesesongs were featured. So amazing!!!! I'm grateful that these stories are a little more "a part" of them now that they've sung and listened to them so many times. Thanks to the Hoffmans! Tender, Simple, Fun, and Powerful Songs By Emily Evans on April 12, 2015 I came across this music while looking for a way to teach my younger children about the Savior and the Atonement; it has been more than I hoped for! Sweet, tender, simple, fun, and powerful songs teach about the Savior's life in a way that truly reaches children and brings understanding on their level. My children have asked to listen to it everyday since I bought it and I love to hear them humming the songs. It is directed toward children, but my husband and I love it too and keep it playing when it shuffles through our playlist- even when it's just the two of us! beautiful and touching By Shannon A. Cox "Haitian Roots Lady" on July 26, 2014 I love this CD! I have 5 children and we listen to it often, especially in the car. Besides being beautiful music, it has inspired many different conversations about the life of Jesus. Pleases adults, teens and children! By mom of many on November 12, 2012 Original music, not new words written to old tunes. The music is pleasant andcatchy. It doesn't have annoying music "types" such as rock or country. It is not high pitched "kids" music nor is it sung by amateur children. This a very professional CD, very high quality. All of my children love it, from teens down to the 4-year-old, and parents enjoy listening to it, too. It has taught the children of the glory of Jesus, His miracles, and specifics about His life and ministry. My 7-year-old loves that the songs are in order on the CD, starting with His birth and working chronologically up to His resurrection. Beautiful Music about the Savior's Life By MarniSoup "Marni" About a month ago I listened to a podcast on "Stories of Jesus." I was so impressed by the short samples that I had to buy it for our family. As the title suggests, the songs are all about the life of Jesus, starting with his birth and ending with remembering Him and His life. In a way I guess this could be like Handel's Messiah for children. All the songs are so beautiful it is tough to pick a favorite. One unique song is "Gethsemane," a song about the atonement. Like the composers mention on the podcast, there really isn't a children's song about the atonement. The CD insert quotes Melanie Hoffman: "I know that as children learn who Jesus is, they will look to Him, anticipate His coming, and want to be like Him, because they will know Him and love Him." The music and lyrics are done so well that it is a CD our whole family enjoys listening to. Learning more about the Savior's life through this music has been a great testimony strengthener for all of us. I highly recommended buying this for your home or as a gift. My kids LOVE this music! The songs are fun and original and also teach stories from Jesus's life in a very kid- understandable and sweet way. My 4 year old wants to listen and dance to this music all the time! I highly recommend this to any Christian with kids. Amy D Curtis I'm really happy with this CD. The songs are cute with a great message. They have catchy tunes and are sung nicely. (I have a thing about listening to kid voices that are annoying (nasally or sounding like baby talk.) None of that here. While the songs are sung by children, they have great voices.) Beautiful CD. K. Fears Great Kids CD about the life of Jesus, My mom purchased this CD for my kids and they LOVE it. If they had their way they would listen to it all day, every day. I even enjoy it. The song about gethsemane is very touching and makes me ponder that story. The messages are simple and the songs are catchy. The children who sing the songs have cute voices. I would recommend this CD for anyone who wants their kids to learn songs about Jesus' life. M. Higbee The best children's CD about Christ My mother bought this cd for our children over a month ago, and it has been in our cd player in the family van ever since. The kids absolutely love the stories about Jesus that have been put to such fun music. I love that children sing the songs, and my children have already memorized most of the songs. Our children are newborn to age 11, and they all enjoy this cd. T. Perrin

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