Meet Our Fierce Leader!

Tonja L. Johnson

Tonja is the founder and Support Group Leader of Beautifully Unblemished, a vitiligo support group that was birthed in 2017 after having a challenging time finding a local support group in the state of Florida. Tonja was diagnosed with Vitiligo in 2013 and today is 70% covered with white patches but has learned to embrace the skin she is in.

Her passion and drive are inspired by her own experiences dealing with Vitiligo and learning to embrace the physical changes she faces daily. Tonja is currently working diligently to promote vitiligo awareness to the Central Florida area and educate communities about vitiligo.


Her motto: My spots don’t define me because I am fearfully and wonderfully made!!!

Beautifully Unblemished…. “Loving the Skin, I’m in”

Beautifully Unblemished is represented by various cities throughout the state of Florida.  We are diverse in our membership. 

Our goal is to increase our membership to 75 by the end of December 2019.

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