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July 2019


Tia-Renae Pommells

July Member Spotlight – Tia-Renae Pommells

Tia-Renae Pommells was diagnosed with vitiligo at the young age of 6. When her first spot appeared, her mother automatically recognized what it was because vitiligo runs in her family. At this time, before her formal diagnosis, her mother began to teach her to recite affirmations that reinforced her positive self-image. One of Tia-Renae’s favorite affirmations is, “I am lovable, capable, valuable and special.” Tia-Renae often forgets that she has vitiligo and says that she doesn’t feel any different from other children. However, one of the issues she struggles with is getting sunburned on her spots. She says, “What makes it easier is that I am reminded by my mother almost every day that I am beautiful no matter what.” 

Tia-Renae has embraced her skin and does not let it affect her quality of life. In fact, her attitude about vitiligo has opened many doors for her. This year she was given a very special opportunity. Her elementary school selected her to present a speech to all of the 5th grade students, teachers and parents. Her speech focused on vitiligo and how to overcome the challenges that children face with it. One thing Tia-Renae wants more people to know is that vitiligo is just a skin condition and that it cannot be spread from person to person. Tia-Renae is unique in that she was diagnosed at a young age, yet has not let her vitiligo stop her from doing anything she wants to do. She is surrounded by a strong support system, which is crucial for anyone coping with any condition. We are very lucky to have Tia-Renae and her mother as part of our support group, Beautifully Unblemished.


Member Spotlight

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