Beautifully Unblemished Vitiligo Support Group, Inc.

Who We Are

Beautifully Unblemished Vitiligo Support Group is support group community for those individuals living with vitiligo and their families.  We provide a variety of resources to our members from self-confidence building, loving the skin you are in, webinars, mental health seminars, empowerment workshops, which focuses on the whole person.  We ensure that individuals are to share personal experiences, feelings, coping strategies, and gain firsthand information about Vitiligo and treatments.  We service the entire state of Florida via our social media platforms.  Our face-to-face meetings are held in the Central Florida area quarterly in Tampa, Lakeland, Orlando and will be expanding to South Florida in the February of 2022.  We have over 180 individuals who are members of our support group throughout various cities in the state of Florida. 

Our ultimate desire is to see changes for our community in the areas of:

1. Correct Insurance Labeling (a need for Vitiligo to be treated as a disease and not as a cosmetic)

 2. Funding for Research (to help find a cure)

 3. Funding for our support group programs (to be able to assist individuals with counseling, outreach in communities/schools)

4. To bring Vitiligo Awareness to all communities within the State of Florida.

Since Vitiligo’s greatest affect is the Quality of Life for the patient, our aim is to offer support and make connections with others who can understand what a person goes through being affected by Vitiligo ~Yan Valle