Beautifully Unblemished Vitiligo Support Group, Inc., (BUVSG) is a non-profit organization pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

Image by Katt Yukawa


Your donation to BUVSG may qualify for an income tax deduction in accordance with Federal and/or State income tax laws. Please consult with your tax advisor to determine whether your donation is tax-deductible in whole or in part. Nothing in this communication is intended to constitute legal or tax advice.

Your contribution will advance the efforts of BUVSG members and Board of Directors to offer services for those individuals and their families living with Vitiligo.

Our members need sources like mental health counseling, peer meetings, dermatology referrals, treatment options, and a safe place to share their vitiligo journeys.  Those living with vitiligo are in need of your support. Every donation brings us one step closer to a cure. Your contribution will make a difference.



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